Teaching & Learning Publications

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Refereed papers and chapters

2016  Falconer, I., Littlejohn, A., McGill, L., and Beetham, H., ‘Motives and tensions in the release of Open Educational Resources: the JISC UKOER programmeAustralian Journal of Educational Technology

2014  Pataraia, N., Falconer, I., Margaryan, A., Littlejohn, A. and Fincher, S. ‘”Who do you talk to about your teaching?”: networking activities among university teachers’ to appear in Frontline Learning Research

2014  Littlejohn, A., Falconer, I., McGill, L., and Beetham, H., ‘Open networks and bounded communities: tensions inherent in releasing Open Educational Resources within communities of practice’, in Littlejohn, A and Pegler ,C. (eds) Reusing Open Resources, Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, pp57-69 Littlejohnetal_OER&communities_preprint

2014 Littlejohn, A., Falconer, I., and McGill, L, ‘Open lifewide learning: a vision’, in Littlejohn, A and Pegler ,C. (eds) Reusing Open Resources, Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, pp115-124 Littlejohnetal_OERVision_preprint

2014 Pataraia, Nino, Anoush Margaryan, Isobel Falconer, Allison Littlejohn, and Jennifer Falconer. ‘Discovering Academics’ Key Learning Connections: An Ego-Centric Network Approach to Analysing Learning about Teaching’. Journal of Workplace Learning 26, no. 1 (6 January 2014): 56–72. doi:10.1108/JWL-03-2013-0012

2013  Falconer, I., Littlejohn, A., and McGill, L., ‘Fluid learning: vision for lifelong learning in 2030’ in Open Education 2030: Contribution to the JRC-IPTS Call for Vision Papers part 1: Lifelong Learning,  pp 12-18, available at http://blogs.ec.europa.eu/openeducation2030/files/2013/04/OE2030_LLL_Booklet.pdf

2013  Pataraia, N., Margaryan, A., Falconer, I., and Littlejohn, A. ‘How and what do academics learn through their personal networks’, Journal of Further and Higher Education, doi:10.1080/0309877X.2013.831041

2013  Sie­, R., Pataraia, N., Boursinou, E., Rajagopal, K., Margaryan, A., Falconer, I., Bitter, M., Littlejohn, A., & Sloep, P. ‘Goals, motivation for, and outcomes of personal learning through networks’, Educational Technology and Society, 16 (3), 51-75

2012    Fincher. S., Richards,B., Finlay,J.,  Sharp, H. and Falconer, I. ‘Stories of Change: How Educators Change Their PracticeProceedings of ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference, Seattle, 3-6 October 2012, pp185-190,

2011 Littlejohn, A., Beetham, H., McGill, L. and Falconer, I. ‘Factors affecting the release of Open Educational Resources’, TD-Tecnologie Didattiche, ISSN 1970-061X (August 2011) http://www.tdmagazine.itd.cnr.it/

2011 Falconer, I, Finlay, J & Fincher, S, ‘Representing Practice: Practice models, patterns, bundles…’ Learning, Media and Technology, Volume 36 Issue 2, 101-127 doi:10.1080/17439884.2011.553620

2008 Falconer, I, and Littlejohn, A. “Representing models of practice”, Chapter 2 in L. Lockyer, S. Bennet, S. Agostinho, and B. Harper (eds) Handbook of Research on Learning Design and Learning Objects: Issues, Applications, and Technologies. Information Science Reference

2008 Normand, C., A. Littlejohn & I. Falconer. ‘A model for flexible programme delivery’ Innovations in Education and Teaching International 45 (1), 25-36 doi: 10.1080/14703290701757351

2008 Littlejohn, A., I. Falconer & L. McGill, ‘Characterising effective e-learning resources’ Computers and Education 50, 757-771, doi:10.1016/j.compedu.2006.08.004

2007 Falconer, I & Margaryan, A, ‘Sustainable e-Learning: the Caledonian Academy contribution”, Scottish Online Journal of E-Learning, 1 (1) pp15-18 available at http://www.sojel.co.uk/SOJEL/Sojel%20Papers/Sojel%20June%202007%20issue.pdf

2007 Falconer, I. ‘Mediating between practitioner and developer communities – the LADiE experience’, ALT-J, 15 (2), 155-170, doi: 10.1080/09687760701472177

2007 Falconer, I., and Littlejohn, A. ‘Designing for blended learning, sharing and reuse’, Journal of Further and Higher Education, 31 (1) 41-52, doi: 10.1080/03098770601167914

2006 Conole, G., M. Oliver, I. Falconer, A. Littlejohn, & J. Hervey. ‘Designing for learning’ in G. Conole and M. Oliver (eds) (2006) Contemporary perspectives in e-learning research: themes, methods and impact on practice. The Open and Flexible Learning Series. Routledge, London, Chapter 7, pp 101-120

2006 Falconer, I., A. Littlejohn, G. Conole, & A. Jeffery. ‘Mediating between services and learning activities – the user perspective.’ In Banks, S., Hodgson, V., Jones, C., Kemp, B., McConnell, D., & Smith, Ch. (Eds.), Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Networked Learning 2006. Lancaster, UK: Lancaster University. ISBN 1-86220-182-X.

Learning Technology Reports

Falconer, I., McGill, L., Boursinou, E., and Littlejohn, A. Overview and Analysis of Practices with Open Educational Resources in Adult Education in Europe, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, 2013  http://ftp.jrc.es/EURdoc/JRC85471.pdf

McGill, L., Falconer, I., Littlejohn, A. and Beetham, H. JISC/HE Academy OER Programme: Phase 3Synthesis and Evaluation Report. JISC, February 2013 https://oersynth.pbworks.com/w/page/59707964/ukoer3FinalSynthesisReport

2013  McGill, L., Falconer, I., Dempster, J.A., Littlejohn, A. and Beetham, H. OER journeys: HEFCE OER Review final report. JISC,  https://oersynth.pbworks.com/w/page/60338879/HEFCE-OER-Review-Final-Report

McGill, L., Falconer, I., Beetham, H. and Littlejohn, A. JISC/HE Academy OER Programme: Phase 2 Synthesis and Evaluation Report. JISC, 2011https://oersynth.pbworks.com/w/page/46324015/UKOER%20Phase%202%20final%20report

2010 McGill, L, H. Beetham, I. Falconer & A. Littlejohn, ‘JISC/HE Academy OER programme: pilot phase synthesis and evaluation report’ available at https://oersynth.pbworks.com/w/page/29688444/Pilot-Phase-Synthesis-and-Evaluation-Report

2009 Falconer, I. Planet project evaluation report, available at http://patternlanguagenetwork.wordpress.com/outcomes/

2009 Finlay, J., Gray, J., Falconer, I., Hensman, J., Mor, Y., and Warburton, S. Planet: pattern language for web2.0 in learning, JISC project final report, available at http://www.jisc.ac.uk/media/documents/programmes/usersandinnovation/planet%20final%20report.pdf

2009 Falconer, I, ‘Sounds Good and Sounds Good 2 projects external evaluation report’, Appendix 2 in Rotheram, B, ‘Sounds Good final report to the JISC,’ available at http://www.jisc.ac.uk/media/documents/programmes/usersandinnovation/sounds%20good%20final%20report.doc

2009 Falconer, I & C. Fowler ‘User engagement: approaches, methods and tools for engaging the user’, chapter 3 in G. Roberts (ed) ‘Emerge reports’, available at http://reports.jiscemerge.org.uk/

2007 Falconer, I, H. Beetham, R. Oliver, L. Lockyer & A. Littlejohn, Mod4L Final Report: Representing Learning Designs. Available from http://mod4l.com/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=7

2006 Falconer, I & A. Littlejohn ‘Mod4L Report: Case Studies, Exemplars and Learning Designs’ Report of the JISC Mod4L project. http://mod4l.com/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=2

2006 Jeffery, A., I. Falconer, et. al. ‘LADIE project final report’ http://athena.cs.man.ac.uk/apache2-default/r/LADIE/www.elframework.org/refmodels/ladie

2006 Falconer, I., G. Conole, A. Littlejohn, & A. Jefferey ‘Learning Activity Reference Model – Pedagogy guide’. LADIE project output. JISC. http://athena.cs.man.ac.uk/apache2-default/r/LADIE/www.elframework.org/refmodels/ladie/guides/

2006 Falconer, I. ‘LADIE Gap Analysis’. LADIE project output. JISC. http://athena.cs.man.ac.uk/apache2-default/r/LADIE/www.elframework.org/refmodels/ladie/guides/

2005 Conole, G., A. Littlejohn, I. Falconer, & A. Jeffery. ‘Pedagogical review of learning activities and use cases’. JISC. http://athena.cs.man.ac.uk/apache2-default/r/LADIE/www.elframework.org/refmodels/ladie/outputs/index.html

2006 Report on Remote Mentoring Project to evaluate potential of synchronous conferencing for tutor and student communication for Open University in Scotland

2005 Report on Pathways, Frameworks and Awards for Open University Curriculum Development Group

2005 Report on a Scottish Portfolio of courses for Open University Curriculum Development Group

2004 Tutor Access to OU Online Services, for Open University in Scotland

2002 Research/Independent Study in Subject Benchmarks for Open University Faculty of Arts

Talks and Seminars

2014   OECD.  Experts meeting for CERI-OECD project gathering evidence of OER impact (invited)

2013    European Commission JRC Foresight Workshop on Lifelong Learning 2030, Seville (invited)

2009 Practice models, patterns, bundles…. Invited keynote, Conference on the future of learning design, University of Wollongong, Australia

2007 Practice models – a disruptive process? CAL ’07 Conference, Dublin, April

2007 Mod4L. JISC Design for Learning Programme meeting, Birmingham (invited talk)

2006 Mod4L. CETIC EC-SIG meeting, Glasgow (invited talk)

2006 Mod4L. ALT-C, Edinburgh

2006 LADiE ALT-C, Edinburgh

2006 Mediating between services and learning activities – the user perspective. Networked Learning Conference, Lancaster University

2004 Hypermedia History. Association for History and Computing annual conference, Public Records Office, Kew

2003 (with Macdonald, J., and McAteer, E) Tutor development through communities of practice. ALT-C, Sheffield


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